How to Do an Essay: Practical Tips

Essay writing is a good chance to show your knowledge of the subject and writing skills, as well as express your own point of view on the raised problem. However, the majority of students treat such writing assignments as a challenge and discouraging task. It happens because students haven’t got enough experience in writings, they do not write on the regular basis, and sometimes requirements are too high. Our company wants to give you a great formula for writing that makes essays a piece of cake.

  1. Read Essays of Other People

Why do you need this? Such practice will help you to create your own writing style that will be based on best samples, created both by your peers and respectful academics. Do not stop on a certain subject or technique and get acquainted with as many works as you can. Moreover, try to be critical and see the problematic issues that should be avoided in your works. Answer such questions as: what do you like about this papers and what don’t? What is your impression? Does argument sound convincing?

  1. Build Your Vocabulary

How to do an essay that is interesting to read? Never stop working on your vocabulary, as your word choice could tell a lot to your professor. It is important to express your ideas in a short and clear way, and it is hard to do if you are not eloquent. Nobody likes to read long sentences with no clear opinion so that it is better to use a couple of words that correspond to the meaning of the whole sentence. Here are some tips for vocabulary enhancement:

  • Learn one new word every day (e.g. subscribe to “word a day” of Oxford or Merriam-Webster dictionaries);
  • Read a lot and check the meaning of unknown words;
  • Use a thesaurus;
  • Make notes of learned

What is more, do not use long words which meaning you do not fully understand.

  1. Linking Words

Try to keep the structure of your essay clear and coherent. If you point out arguments, do not forget to provide bright examples to prove them. Make your text full of linking words and do not repeat the same words several times. For example, many students use the word “also” throughout their essay, but they can replace it with more sophisticated ones: “furthermore” or “moreover”.

  1. Quote other people’s opinion

Professors enjoy having a student, who go deep into the subject, do the secondary reading and is passionate about what they teach. The easiest way to show your tutor that you are enthusiastic about his or her discipline is to include opinions of other people into your paper. However, do not quote to much! The perfect solution is to use two or three statements said by famous people in the field of your topic.

  1. Format and Grammar

It is important to sound sophisticated and intelligent to impress your professor and gain his or her respect. Thus, try to combine different syntax and do not stick to simple sentences. However, make sure, your expressions are not too long or rambling because they may become too difficult to understand. Moreover, punctuation is essential for the clear understanding of your text, so that check it twice for any errors. Finally, find requirements of your educational institution to the format and citation style and reassure that your essay corresponds to them.

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